Kombinasyon ang pahinang ito ng mga pahina ng suporta na hindi "pagtulong", pero maganda pa ring nandirito.


Baka naghahanap ka ng isang magkatulad na talahulunganan. Limitadong talahulunganan ito para sa mga karaniwang tawag sa mga video game, samantalang talahulunganan ang isa ng mga tawag sa wiki.

Galing sa talahulunganan ng Game Ideas Wiki ang mga kahulugan.


Mga opisyal na katunayan tungkol sa isang serye, base sa dinisisyo ng mga developer o mangagawa. Kabaligtaran ng Fanon


"A book or set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically." O, isipin lang ang Wikipedia, o Wikipedya.


Impormasyong base sa mga fan tungkol sa isang laro na hindi kinikilala ng opisyal ng (mga) mangagawa ng laro. Sinasabing fanon ang sayt na ito, dahil nilalaman ito ng maraming mga katunayan tungkol sa mga karakter at kanilang mga laro ng iba sa nare-recognize ng mga mangagawa. Kabaligtaran ng Canon. Tignan ang mga relatibong Theoryo ng Mga Fan.


First Person Shooter, o isang pagbabaril na laro na first-person.


HP means hit points, the default measure of health in video games. Attacks decrease hit points, eventually killing the enemy. This system was put in place to lengthen and simplify battles, rather than saying that every hit wounds the character and instantly kills them. However, some moves take away large amounts of hit points to get the same effect.

In this setting, rarely does HP refer to the electronics company.

Mga Theoryo ng Mga Fan

Guesses by fans about the facts of a game. Notably, this category contains conspiracy theories, and many as wildly incorrect as often as it is unusually right on.


RTE stands for Real Text Editor; The default visual editor here.


Information that gives away details about a plot before the user experiences or finds out in the story. Usually "ruins the ending", as this information may reveal who dies, who wins, and what the epilogue explains before the gamer progresses to that point.

Need to Know (N2K)

Need to Know is a section (which may become its own page if it gets big enough) where users can post videos, links to their favorite games, and links to other places that are very relevant to the wiki that everyone should see. This section is closely monitored to make sure that the stuff remains relevant. And these aren't ideas, they are inspiration!

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